Thursday, May 14, 2009

SubDistrict Day 1.

Braden running the 300m hurdles.
Josh running the 300m hurdles.

Dusty winning the 400m.
The first turn of the 400m.
Brandon running the 1600m.
Brandon sticking with the pack
Dusty winning his heat of the 100m.
Jordan and Blair getting 1st and 3rd in there heat.


  1. Great pics, Ben. Sorry I wasn't at your last track meet for the year.

    Tell Josh that I am praying to be home for Districts next week.

    mama :)

  2. B!!! you are a stud. in running and in photog.!!! oh and dusty is now my hero, he has GREAT form and i saw the 4x400 video which was AMAZING!