Friday, March 19, 2010

First Track Meet In 2010!!

Me, Grant and Lee running the 100m.
Me running my leg of the 4x100m relay.
Me finishing the 200m.
Me running the starting leg of the 4x400m relay.


  1. It was an AMAZING day! Go Ben Go!!!

    mama :)

  2. WOW! Your mom wasn't kidding when she told me you did AWESOME! Great job, Ben!!!!

    Not only are you a great runner, but you are a very talent photographer... to take so many pictures of yourself from a distance while you are running. You must have the timer on your camera (and your run times) figured out pretty well :D

    Looking forward to attending one of your off-island track meets this year!

  3. Way to go STUD-MUFFIN!!! I thought you everything I know ;-). I hope your season goes well Ben. Just think, if you make it to state, you get to come to my school :). Hope you season goes well.